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 Oregon Social Vegan Wholesome Joyful Singles 40's-50's group

Social wholesome vegan group for singles in their 40's and 50's to do social activities together. I am committed to making this a compatible group based on the criteria I listed, so apply only if you fit.  

This is for those who:

*Single (available and ready for a monogamous relationship)

* Live a wholesome (vegan, raw food, vegetarian lifestyle)

* Purist (no drugs / no alcohol)

* Environmentally conscious

* Joyful Spirit

* Soft-Loving Open Heart


Activities include nature walks, spiritually based musician performances,, bird watching, meditations, inspirational book reading, walks on the beach and more. 


The cost is $10 quarterly with the first 3 months free. 


The first 3 months are free while I build this group. Please complete all areas of the profile, including your phone number, to be considered for this compatible group,. I will contact you and interview you to make sure you fit the compatible criteria of this group. 

3 months after registering  you have the option to pay the $10 or send me an email to delete your profile.